History Behind Tiramisu

Today, Tiramisu is counted amongst the most famous deserts in the entire world and is considered one of the premium specialties of pastry chefs.

So how did this fascinating desert from Italy become a hot favorite in 100+ countries?

The history behind Tiramisu is pretty fascinating - This rich dessert actually originated in 1800 in the quaint city of Treviso in Italy.

History states that this gluttony was invented by a clever maitresse in Italy, who wanted to create a dessert that was as bewitching, complex, and layered as the sensuous women of Treviso.

The passion and intent behind the recipe was so intense that it took a ton of effort and skill to prepare this mesmerizing desert.

Originally, Traditional Italian homes used to finish off dinner with fresh fruit. Dessert, especially something as layered as the Tiramisu, was something that was prepared only on special occasions. 

In fact, the ladies of the late 1800s used to prepare Tiramisu occasionally as an Indulgence on select occasions.

However, the dessert started gaining popularity outside of Italy somewhere in the 1980s - when top chefs of Paris, New York, and Britain started putting Tiramisu on their menus.

And the rest, as they say, is history!