About Us

Madame Tiramisu was born out of three main ingredients (apart from its culinary ones): Passion for culture, food, and travel.

It’s difficult to simply let go of the way this Madame is able to ignite your senses when you meet her in her purest, most authentic form…
And we were relieved to find out that She is one of the most sought-after desserts in LA, too.
But our team’s happiness was short-lived - The Tiramisu in California is vastly different than the way this Lady presents herself in her country of origin.
It is so that our team got on a quest to try out different dessert bars across the city - yet nothing matched the richness and deliciousness of the Authentic Italian Madame Tiramisu.

That is when we decided that Los Angles cannot afford to miss out on the most distinguished and delicious dessert of Italy.


We have a single goal - We want our community in LA to feel as if they were being served the mesmerizing dessert in Treviso, Italy, in the late 1800s… Directly prepared by the maitresse who inspired its name.


To stay true to our promise, we have gone the extra mile to get all our pastry chefs specially trained on Madame Tiramisu’s authentic recipe.


We hope that whenever you decide to invite Madame Tiramisu over, you will be transported back into the 1800s to the quaint city of Treviso with an explosion of taste!